Study Material to Pass NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs The First Time with Purple Books Sets

Must-Have Test Prep for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, State CSR, and NY’s Civil Service Court Reporting Tests — Study The Purple Books Sets To Pass The First Time!  98% successful pass rate – 30 years.  DIO = Done In One.  OTO = Only Test Once.

Retesting is Pricey! Invest in yourself.  Purple Books Sets:  98% 1st-time pass rates.  Guided instruction with study material for court reporters by educators and court reporters.

May The Certs Be With You!  Purple Books is your ticket: Done In One with Sets

Plus:  Private Tutoring and Career Coaching for Students, Novice and Experienced Court Reporters, CART Captioners; Time-Management Skills; Court Reporting and CART Captioner Training

Pedagogically sound, covering a wealth of material with facts, tips, and information the Purple Books from are time-tested and proven in the classroom with educators and with independent study. 

~ Purple-Up to become a Purple-Passer.  (Terms created by court reporting students and court reporters – after they passed their certs.)

Be ‘done in one’ as you build and expand your core strengths. ~

Questions and multiple choices on exams are not repeated, so don’t try memorizing them.  Instead, learn how to take the test! You do not want to memorize words and answers.

Workbook has 2,002 practice test questions.  Companion Study Guide explains all 2,002 practice questions and each multiple-choice answer. 

~~~Textbook ties it all together in a purple bow with your name and your new certification!

Dedicated to schools, instructors, students, reporters, and CART captioners.

Be Done in Just One with the Purple Book Set.  Full Pages = Full Focus.

The largest library for court reporting students, schools, court reporters, CART captioning training and must-have NCRA and State test prep products

Students:  Need to pass a test?  Worried about school loans?  Named the Court Reporting Whisperer by students, Monette Benoit, wants to help you.

Testimonials from students, instructors, program directors, court reporters, CART captioners are listed here on

~~~~ Material covers much more than previous NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR, and Civil Service court reporting certification questions, so you expand your ‘ core’ knowledge.   ~~~~

Learn how to answer the question by studying the foundation of information for NCRA RPR, RDR, State CSR, and Civil Service court reporting examinations.

Thanks for all you do, Monette, to continue populating our great profession :) It’s working!!! Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, RDR, CRR, CCP

As a veteran court reporter who holds multiple certifications, one area of my professional life where I lacked confidence was the area of taking written exams.  This year, after studying from Monette’s series of books, I have so far taken two written exams and have walked into both feeling prepared.   This level of preparedness has led to a higher level of confidence.  In one exam, I completed 60 questions in 20 minutes!  In the other exam, I felt so confident in my knowledge that I pushed up the date for which I was scheduled to take the exam and passed it on the first attempt.  You will not be disappointed with Monette’s series of books whatsoever!   Anthony D. Frisolone, RDR, CRC, FAPR

The content of your WKT, written material, study material is great; not to mention I also knew how to find many of the distracting answers that I now recognize as my downfall the last time.  Of course you can use my words.  Heck, I’d give you a kidney — just no fingers.  Joshua Foley, RPR, CCP

Thank you! Your books were great to study from. Lots of practice tests, and the answer book (“Companion Study Guide”) was so detailed! I passed on my first try.  ?  Joy Dee, Student

I studied with the NCRA study guide, and it didn’t work.  I studied Monette Benoit’s ‘Purple Books’ and passed.  Jennifer Billstein-Miller, RPR, CRR, CCR (NJ)

Done In One = Only Test Once. ~~ Bring it!



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  • Jeffrey Keyes says:

    Hi. I am very anxious for the NCRA WKT CD Tutorial to be released. It would also be wonderful if there were an NCRA WKT CD for the CBC and CCP test. Thank you very much.

  • Tiffany Allen says:

    Can I use your books for the Texas CSR?

    • Monette says:

      *** Absolutely! The books were originally created for the Texas CSR and the RPR (in that order).
      We have had much success with TX CSR candidates for many, many, many years. The ‘Purple Books’ prepare students and reporters for NCRA’s RPR, RDR, and State CSRs.

      Monette Benoit

      Court Reporting Whisperer, Tutor, Career Coach, CART Captioner, Consultant
      Blog: Monette’s Musings,
      * Educational/Career Advancement – Consulting

      Study The Purple Books To Pass The First Time! 98% successful pass rate
      DIO = OTO === Done In One = Only Test Once.

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