Blog: Monette’s Musings

Monette Benoit is an NCRA (National Court Reporters Association) contributing editor

and has written over 200 essays, many published in the Journal of Court Reporting, JCR, within her

column, “Beyond The Comfort Zone” for approximately 25 years.

     She opens the kimono into her heart with true events,

CART captioning realtime-learning moments, facts, and humor.

     Monette has posted many of these published writings in Monette’s Musings

containing articles for students; court reporters; instructors;

CART captioners; deaf/Deaf, oral deaf, and HOH (hard of hearing) consumers;

disability office coordinators; and sign interpreters.

    Additionally, Monette has included articles about caregivers where she detailed treatment and care

from individuals who are hard-of-hearing and legally deaf –who entered the path of her parents during

their final chapter– to include: doctors, nurses, and medical personnel.

Monette’s Musings details knuckle-white challenges, funny moments, life lessons,

and wise sharing from individuals.

The goal is a simple sharing from her trench and the never typical day-at-the-office

for this court reporter, CART captioner, tutor, career coach, instructor, consultant, author, paralegal.  

A CART captioning FAQ list is also included online.

Monette Benoit, named the Court Reporting Whisperer by CR students, has developed a new ‘self’ skill working within this wonderful profession:  SCPS, Self-Certified Plate Spinner

Blog: Monette’s Musings, Ask The Coach, and Coach’s Corner

Plus:  DIO = OTO.

Done In One = Only Test Once.