Tutoring and Career Coaching with the Court Reporting Whisperer

Tutoring and Career Coaching for Court Reporting Students, CART Captioners, and Novice and Veteran Court Reporters

Tutoring and Coaching for CART Captioners, Students, Rookies, and Veteran Court Reporters

Accelerate your career as a court reporter or CART Captioner with affordable tutoring and coaching with Monette Benoit, the Court Reporting Whisperer

If you’re struggling or simply want to accelerate your career’s progress, court reporting veteran Monette Benoit can help you achieve your goals.


Tutoring Testimonials are being added, per your specific requests.
Inquire about empowerment tutoring and coaching by e-mailing Monette, the Court Reporting Whisperer, directly at: Tutoring@CRRbooks.com
Be sure to include your time zone and if you are an official reporter, freelance reporter, student, rookie or experienced court reporter.
** Students receive a discount


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